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A Reconciling in Christ congregation is a Christian community that has adopted a statement of welcome approved by Reconciling Works. This statement specifically includes the LGBTQ community and affirms their full participation in the life of the congregation. This includes the ability to receive sacraments, hold leadership positions, and be ordained as pastors or deacons.

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church of Gilroy is one such inclusive Christian community that has adopted this statement of welcome. They welcome people of all sexual orientations and gender identities fully into the life of their congregation. By adopting this statement of welcome, they are creating a safe and welcoming environment for LGBTQ individuals to worship, participate in the sacraments, and hold leadership positions within the church.

In summary, being a Reconciling in Christ congregation means making a deliberate effort to welcome and affirm the LGBTQ community, and reflect a commitment to treating all individuals with respect and dignity. 

Church Service Information

Every Sunday Morning at 9:30am

Ronald E. Koch, Pastor

Zita Weyland, Church Musician

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